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Entertaining with magic tricks has taken a leap into the future with a new line of apps. There’s no need for a user to have any background as a magician to perform the tricks and to impress family members, friends, classmates etc.

"Simple, great-looking design and adorably funny!"
– The New York Times

“Absolutely astounding. A must have for all magicians!”
– Jin Kyung, Korea


UV Pro Pack+  is a complete suite of gimmicks using ultraviolet technology to perform stunning glowing effects.
This effects allow magicians to perform magic in extreme conditions as the glow is more impressive in dark environments.
This tricks are perfect for indoor close up magic such as night clubs, bars, restaurants, boutiques, congresses, showrooms, exhibitions, ...
All the gimmicks need an ultraviolet light such the UV Torch+ to reveal the glow.



A blank prediction is sealed inside an envelope. The spectator eliminates all the cards except one revealed on the blank prediction using the UV Torch+.
The blank paper has a different invisible UV prediction on each face allowing a perfect force.

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UV light reveals the glowing name of the selected card along the edge of the deck. Each edge has a different name to repeat the trick with another forced card: K♥ and 5♠ in english, D♣ and 7♥ in french.
To perform many other effects, the deck is prearranged using Si Stebbins stack.




Tritium+ is composed of 10 cards (different values) marked by invisible UV on the white back borders. Revisit your classics such as sandwich effect (Strange Attractors by Pit Hartling, Search & Destroy by Aaron Fisher, ...), Rising Card, Haunted Deck and more!!!




UV Deck+ is an amazing tool for cardistry in extreme conditions such as night clubs and dark environments. Most of night clubs have UV lights and the performer can produce incredible and spectacular glowing cuts. The performer can also ask a spectator to hold the UV Torch+ pointing his hands.



UV Marker+ contains invisible ultraviolet ink. Particularly optimized to write secret predictions on playing cards, papers, body skin and many other surfaces. It is also a wonderfull product to perform Book Test effects with a mysterious revelation of any words: combine with our Magic Trick #3 to present an impressive mentalism trick.



• 21 UV LEDs: 380-395 nm
• Aluminium body
• Bulb Life: 100,000 hours
• Battery Life: App. 20 hours
• Powered by 3 x AAA batteries
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!!! Do not look into this device while operating and do not shine in any person's eyes.



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